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Friday, May 19, 2006

My 17th of May

Anyone reading Nerdines blog now knows that the 17th of May is Norways constitution day. It's one of my favourite days of the year: ice cream, school marching bands (my sister is the conductor of our old school's marching band in which three of our younger siblings and one niece play. Some people hate them but I think they're cute.), everybody is out, the parades, everything!!! I love it, particularly if I can wear my national costume which is actually not Norwegian but from the area in Finland where my mother is from.

This time it was one of the physically hardest days I can remember, and I grew up on a farm! I was working in the steakhouse and lucky me got to work on the second floor (or first floor? If closest to the ground is the ground floor then I was working on the first floor.) This meant running up and down the stairs for 5 1/2 hour, which again means that waking up this morning my butt and thighs were in so much pain (excellent work-out)! When I saw the schedule some time ago and learned that everyone was working for 5 1/2 hour I figured that was a smart way to do it: Share the day between two shifts and everyone could get to enjoy some of the day. I thought I could go and do something fun after work, instead it was straight home to bed. I forgot that there is another thing people like doing on the 17th of May: eating out! The whole restaurant was completely full of people the entire time I was there, there were always people at the door waiting to get a table. Usually it's hectic on a Friday and Saturday night, but yesterday was the craziest days I can remember. During a normal weekend, everyone runs around like crazy for a while and then it calms down, people have their dinners or desserts and everything is under control. Yesterday things were never calm, there were always stuff to do that should have been done half an hour earlier. This might not mean much to anyone but me and Nerdine, but it was worse than four large cruiseships in one day. It was far worse that five cruiseships could have been! Luckily most guests were willing to wait an hour for their dinner. At least on the second (first?) floor there was only complaints from one table.

When the first shift could leave I felt really bad for those who were taking over. It was a complete mess! At least we who worked during the day could leave everything, but the second shift could not leave before every guest was out, something that happened about one or two hours later. The second shift had practicly nothing to do the first hours, and then they had absolutely nothing!

Anyway, I think I'm done complaining now. I was working again today and it was very few people, which was lovely after the mess yesterday. I have promised myself that next year I will not work as a waitress. Instead I will be out and enjoying myself, wearing my national costume, eat ice cream and be with friends and family. Whatever I'll do I will not run up and down stairs like a crazy person, hoping that I'll fall and break something so I can go home.

Today I'm posting a picture of the same view as in the picture in the previous post, only a slightly different angle and taken in winter. Now I'm going to spend some time looking at bad music videos and then go to bed. Even writing about yesterday gets me stressed, I just have to keep telling myself it's over! No bad people are making me bring them dinner and drinks anymore! I'm free!! Good night

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Five days left!

Haven't really been much on the internet this weekend since I've been working at the steakhouse. Since Nerdine was nice enough to wonder where I was I figured I'll post another one of my midnight ramblings.

Now I only have five working days left at the steakhouse. I'm getting used to switching jobs, so far this year I've had six! How many I've actually applied to I lost count of. In January I applied to every job I could find and then accepted the ones I got offered. I've worked in a coffee shop, two canteens, two pizza places, one steakhouse and filling in in a museum (I've been hoping for months now that they would get some kind of virus that would get them sick on an alternating basis. Not dangerously sick, just pleasantly sick, enough to stay home in bed and enjoy a couple of days off while I borrow their job). I'm a bit curious about how many jobs I may have had by the end of the year if I keep this up. At the moment I think this new job in the pizza plaze I can actually really really like: Nice co-workers and pizza? Perfect job for me! And I don't have to wear a manly shirt and my funeral pants, only nice comfy t-shirts and whatever pants or skirt I like as long as it's something black.

Before I started working at the same museum as Nerdine I had a project where I was going to try as many different jobs as possible, and I did to some extent: I've cleaned buses, looked after children, worked in a photo shop, doing surveys over the phone, and been a cloakromm attendant. I think that's it? And then of course it's waitressing. The most stressfull experience in that field was when I was one of I think 90 waiters that were serving in this huge party with 800 German doctors. I realised something that night: Making my way through a crowded dancefloor with what I guess was around 4-500 middleaged German doctors screaming "I'm a sex machine yeah yeah" while carrying a tray full of cups of coffee can only be described with one word: Scary! Those are the kind of days where I start thinking about the possibility of marrying someone rich.

Oh well, enough about work. I'm continuing my project of posting pretty pictures. This time it's the view from behind the farm where I grew up and where my family still lives. You can almost see one of my little sisters on her bike and my mother's dog. It's actually the entire family's dog but she's my mother's baby. My youngest sister is already nine and I think my mother have a need to baby someone. I don't think the dog minds, she's completely spoilt. Once I tried to take her for a walk and I practicly had to drag her behind me. If people can be reborn as animals I'd love to be reborn as a spoilt pet!

Ok, time to go to bed now. I'm going to work again tomorrow and then the next two days after that. Good night!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thank you Nerdine!

I'm back on my computer (which by the way answers to the name of Per Olsen, named after my two youngest sisters imaginary friend. Before he was my computer he lived on the moon and they used to send him letters through the fire place). I'm happy to see that some people have actually bothered to read my blog. Well, since Nerdine used to be my boss I know that when she tells you to do something you do it. I occasionally called her Masssster accompanied with what would pass as my hunchback-walk. No I'm kidding (partly: the massster-hunchback-thing is true): She's just nice,wise, sweet and funny and I really really really miss working with her. She knows when to comfort and when to tell someone to get their act together. Like when she informed me that two weeks of whining about my at the time true love; a 5-day holiday flirt, was enough, a lesson accompanied by a comfort-chocolate. I still don't see the problem though: Is shouting "I'm in pain!!!" every five minute really a problem?

I've spent a lot of time reading other peoples/people's/peopleseses??? Oh well: persons blogs. Besides the fact that there is obviously many interesting people out there I've also seen that most people have lovely pictures on their blog. I've decided I want that too. This picture I've decided to call "When you're on the top of the world it's hard to keep your pants up".

Hopefully I'll have some more interesting blogs in the future where I don't just blather on because it's in the middle of the night and nobody else is up. At the moment I'm too happy: I have a new job! It's in a pizza place five minutes from where I live. I have my second day of training tomorrow. It's less stressfull, the people are lovely, I don't look as butch in the uniform, and I could go on and on about it. The main reason for leaving my other job is that it's so far away that I have to take the train. Usually we're done sometime after midnight and my train leaves an hour later. This is during the weekend and I constantly have to spend an hour talking to people that have had a drink or ten too much and won't leave me alone. And there is always (always!) someone who mistakes the train station for a public toilet. Actually this happens so much I think the entire station should be declared a toilet and have soap, water and toilet paper available.

Anyway, I'll go to bed now and have sweet dreams of pizza places and sober people. And I wish the same to everyone who might read this. That is, I'm not expecting everyone to dream of pizza places. Feel free to dream of whatever type of restaurant you prefer!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello! Hello?

I have finally managed to get around to creating my own blog, something that is quite impressive considering I'm an idiot with the computer. My way of fixing it whenever it doesn't want to do what I tell it is to stare at it. It works too, maybe because I don't just give it a blank stare, I look at it with a frown.

Anyway, to give a short introduction of myself: I'm 25 and kind of a housewife. I live with my sister for free in exchange of doing all the housework. I try to finnish my thesis, something I doubt will ever actually happen, and I work as a waitress in a steakhouse. This last thing is a bit odd since I'm an almost-vegetarian (I eat fish, egg and dairy products). Seing the huge piles of raw meat, ready to be chopped up and turned into steaks haven't exactly changed my mind about eating meat. Urgh!!

Since moving from Oslo to a small town in the area where I grew up I've had the feeling of wandering around here with absolutely no idea about what I'm doing now or what I'm doing next. So to keep myself even more distracted from my thesis and crappy job I decided to start blogging. It certainly kept me busy figuring out how to do it. I don't really know what to write about yet, but I like the idea of one-way communication as I tend to go on and on about things I like or don't like. Hopefully I'll get to know some nice people that perhaps have a better grasp of their life than I have, or are at least equally confused.

So hello to all you nice people out there!